How to Clean Your Gutter 

Overflowing is the main result when the gutters in your homes are not checked and cleaned regularly. The dam in your house will fill up with water because there are much debris such as stones, leaves and other unwanted things in there. So there is really a need for you to clean your gutters regularly so that it will not cause the foundation of your house to rot and deteriorate because of stocked and overflow of water.

Clean Your Gutter

If you are going to do the cleaning yourself then make sure that the ladder you are going to use to go up your gutter is a very sturdy one and for you to protect your hands while cleaning, you have to wear thick gloves because there will be metals that are sticking through it or screws that will cause wounds in your hands.

There is a need for you to clean your gutters at least thrice every one year and if you roof is situated directly under a tress then you have to do the cleaning more often than thrice a year because most likely, the leaves that fall from those trees will cause the water to overflow and damage the foundation of the house. We can only give this advice to those people that has a single story house because there will be a danger if you do the cleaning yourself in your two storey house.

We suggest that you already hire professional gutter cleaners to do this for you so that you will be safe from any danger or accident.

There are also gutter cleaning kits that are already for sale in the market and you can also use a leaf blower to blow of those debris that are blocking your way. But surely, because of the pressure of the leaf blower, you cannot ovoid leaves and other debris flying in your face so you have to wear a mask and some goggles so that you will put in no danger.

Additionally, if your rooftop is not so steep then you go there and clean your gutter from the rooftop because using your rooftop will be much easier than using a ladder. There is danger when using a ladder especially when you are not sure if your ladder is very sturdy or not. But if you use one make sure that it is put on a leveled base so that there will be no chance for the ladder to slip from its base.

When you start cleaning, make sure that you have the tools that you need near you. You do not want to climb up and down just to take it and put it back again. We suggest that you bring a basket with you so that you can put the tools that you are going to need inside it and put the debris that you have collected inside it once you finish cleaning them all off from your gutter.

Make sure that you do this step because this can save your life from going back and forth to get some of the tools and equipment you need for cleaning your rain gutter.


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